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in terms of hr management, gdst has been following the principle of "putting people first and tapping full potential of talent". it is good at finding talent, pays attention to the re-training and quality improvement of talent and gives employees extensive development space and a rich spiritual home. what gdst offers:

※ vacation
the five-day working week is implemented for gdst. its employees can enjoy statutory holidays, marriage leave, maternity leave, nursing leave, personal leave, sick leave and other holidays.

※ medical insurance
its medical insurance is implemented as per the provisions of guangzhou urban employees' basic medical insurance system.

※ social insurance and housing provident fund
upon recruitment, gdst will buy all kinds of social insurance (pension, unemployment, work-related injury insurance and maternity) according to the local government's regulations, and purchase the housing provident fund for its employees. it will set up a housing fund for the employees and develop relevant housing welfare policies.

※ training
gdst attaches great importance to the development of and investment in human resources. while improving its own benefits, gdst continues to provide professional training for its employees, in an endeavor to continuously improve the quality of the employees. gdst believes that the impetus for development lies in the further improvement and development, quality improvement and self-challenge of each employee.

※ welfare
gdst provides regular comprehensive physical examinations for its employees. the employees can enjoy lunch subsidies and participate in various activities and tours held irregularly.

※ incentive
to motivate the employees to tap their full potential, love their company and work hard and make the company an optimistic and excellent team, gdst regularly carries out the activities of selecting excellent employees and advanced groups every year. at the same time, it will give certain material and honorary rewards to the employees who put forward reasonable suggestions accepted by the company.
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