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-- providing customers with comprehensive 24/7 services, with a final objective to win the recognition of customers;
-- preparing a full-process solution in terms of logistics and commerce (finance) to minimize the need for or even eliminate the original domestic agents as an intermediate procedure, thus forming a specialized advantage;
-- building a stable professional management team;
-- maintaining benign cooperation with banks, with a relatively comprehensive fund solution developed after many years of mutual adaptation。

-- accumulating plenty of customer resources, with a high profile in universities, research institutes, commodity inspection/quality control departments, manufacturers and other fields。

relying on the significant talent resources and technical advantages of chinese academy of sciences, gdst has established an independent professional and technical support and service team, which provides good pre-sale and after-sale services for its products。

1、technical consulting services:
to better communicate with a wider range of customers, gdst has specially assigned technical personnel to quickly and effectively solve the problems encountered in the pre-sale and after-sale services for our customers through telephone consultation or door-to-door visits。

2、device installation services:
gdst provides our customers with a professional and systematic service for door-to-door installation of newly purchased devices。

3、instrument maintenance service:
the timely professional service of gdst safeguards your investment and maximizes your return, so that your devices can resume normal operation as soon as possible。

4、customer technical training:
gdst trains customers with profound and solid expertise in product use, basic maintenance and system configuration。
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after-sales services
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