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2018 guangdong zhongke import and export co., ltd. all staff fun sports meeting

this interesting sports meeting by

sponsored by zhongke company and zhongke trade union,

200 athletes in total;
the sports meeting place is,

guangzhou high-five gymnasium badminton court.


sign in at 8:00 a.m

the "players" of the middle school

full of beans

to get to the meeting

to sign in


assembly & warm-up

warm-up before the game

before the competition, the players were divided into 10 groups according to the color of their clothes.

team members elect the team leader, set the team name and slogan, and quickly create the team flag, let their team more characteristics.

team to introduce

willy: team up

slogan: wei to fly, fruit green miracle

xu 2 team

slogan: 222, qu xiang tian song, yeah~!

the red army

slogan: the red army will defeat them all

wolffy team

slogan: gray unusual, different wolf

the vibrant orange team

slogan: unlimited vitality, all the orange

the 666 team

slogan: 666,6 to fly

hornet team

slogan: bumblebee, go for it

purple point jiangshan team

slogan: big purple italy, eat chicken tonight

great team

slogan: white angel, "white" war yum

peppa pig

slogan: peppa pig tattoo upper body, applause to the people


interesting sport

on the morning of field

with emoticons in place,

five dynamic rings, post-it notes shake shake shake,

4 activity items to tear nameplates (why come to my home edition).

on the afternoon of field

it's a big crazy roller coaster.

activity 1: expression in place

the ground is covered with emoticon pillows, and athletes search and snatch pillows as instructed by their coaches. each round, each team sends five players.

emoticons in place for the game

test your ability to react

work with a team.

dynamic project 2: five dynamic rings

dynamic five ring test is the ability of athletes to adapt, escape from the flat, foot on the roller, how to make their own walk faster and more stable, these are athletes need to think independently.
of course, partners on the road to escort you can also give you some support.

activity 3: post-it notes shake shake shake

life, work in the department of people

should not be defined, labeled,

the possibilities for our future are endless,

who we are,

you can't label what you want to be.

division people, off the label, do their own!

activity 4: tear the name tag

it is a contest of strength and wisdom. only by changing the attack and defense at the right time, paying close attention to the opponent's dynamics and looking for opportunities can we win the victory. this is also the embodiment of patience and wisdom.

activity 5: crazy roller coaster

to construct a grand roller coaster, not only needs the team to have a big view, but also needs each member to be extremely careful; every part of the roller coaster affects its success.

in this project, all the staff must work together.

there are planners, designers, executors,

test the cooperation of the team and let each other find the shining points of the other.

li made a speech

there is no perfect individual, only perfect team; only excellent collective, there will be excellent individuals; only with the continuous improvement of individuals can there be great progress of the collective.

today's activity, i see all our members as our collective home to build, to pay. in the crazy roller coaster project, i believe everyone has enjoyed a happy honor and a lot of self-satisfaction.

we are proud of the collective, the division will be proud of us!

thanks to all colleagues live up to the company's high expectations, mutual cooperation and support, joint efforts, we believe that we will have a better tomorrow!


awards & group photo

manager li presented the award to the champion team

(peppa pig)


general li presented an award to the asian army

(wing 2 team)


activity feeling

the interesting games in the most unusual, cst) as the theme, around the "strengthen communication and cooperation, strengthen team cohesion" as the core goal, focus on starting from the psychology of each participant, by participating in interactive team project, let the participants to re-examine themselves and team, to everyone on the importance of the individual and self in the role of the team to get enough understanding.

fun games make everyone participate in the colleagues reduce individual heroism, increase the collective consciousness; at the same time, strengthen the communication between teammates, feel the sincere feelings among colleagues, and improve the teamwork ability.

we believe that the chinese people who cooperate with each other must have extraordinary strength and become the strongest in the future
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