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together with peers, win-win cooperation

in order to let new employees integrate into the love family of zhongke as soon as possible, on june 22, 2019, we held a new employees' league building activity with the theme of "one heart, one peer, one win-win cooperation". all the new employees took part in the activity.

on the day of the event, the new employees set out from the city by bus. after arriving at the destination, under the guidance of the team construction coach, the team members will be divided into groups equally. each group will establish its own group culture, and the team leader will be elected. then the group as a unit, together with experiential training.

warming up activities



the league building arranged for arthur's choice, the power of interest is introduced, breathing, multiple links such as nuclear crisis, on the one hand, these programs in interesting ways to make daily work in a company, but the contact between the relatively small number of colleagues have the chance to know and understand each other, on the other hand, to enhance the degree of tacit understanding between colleagues and the cooperation spirit.









the staff of zhongke dare to challenge, actively cooperate and efficiently complete the task in a short period of time, which is inseparable from the cohesion of the team and the wisdom and talent of individuals.

after the activity, we all told about their feelings, now, let's see what they said!

feng liang: i think our team can be summed up in two words -- bumpy. in fact, our team had no shortage of methods at the beginning. each of us provided many constructive methods, but we only had one cup. there were many times when we wondered if there was something wrong with our method, but in the end we were able to complete the task successfully. i think our original approach is a good choice in the face of many approaches. in addition to my belief, i think the enthusiasm of our team is very important for our team to achieve this success. no matter in the morning or afternoon, the enthusiasm of our team is very full. we are a loving team.

zeng han auspicious: i think the game and in front of the biggest difference is that the game is not rely on a practice makes perfect, but by intelligence, to come up with a more perfect way to lock the glass, the glass shipped smoothly, and this is our team a hard direction, so we first tried a variety of methods, such as have tried to use four rope, five rope, etc., to weave a pentagonal to operate. what i think our team does particularly well is that everyone gets involved in talking about the feasibility of various approaches. in the actual operation, we are constantly trying to make mistakes and improve. although there is still a little flaw in the final result, in my mind, our team is very perfect. our team is a great team!

yu haiqiang: first, i think our team has a very good advantage, is the communication is very smooth, so we cooperate very well, all the links are one-time through, there is no card. second, i think our team is the most abide by the rules of the game, is a rigorous team, in strict accordance with the requirements of the coach to complete the task.

chi yuanyuan: i think the reason for the success of our team is that we are constantly changing our team. compared with girls, boys have good coordination ability, so whenever we encounter problems, we will adjust the positions of boys and girls, so that men and women can complement each other.

the league building activity makes everyone realize that the completion of every project and goal is inseparable from the cooperation of the team, and the building of a high-quality team is also inseparable from the efforts of each member. for the new employees who participated in the league building activity for the first time, they gained confidence, courage, friendship, and more understanding of the importance of responsibility, responsibility and cooperation

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