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is burning! our staff won many awards!

on november 23, the first staff sports meeting of guangdong academy of sciences with the theme of "building dreams together, creating first-class" was successfully concluded in the track and field field of huasu university. it is reported that the first staff sports meeting lasted 6 months, successively held badminton, basketball, table tennis, tractor poker, broadcast gymnastics, fun sports and other individual events.

now, small make up with you to see the scene of the game!

before the competition began, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china, participating in the games of the unit in the form of the team, in the national flag, the flag led by the courtyard, head and shoulders, the pace of the stadium, and through a thousand people gathered "70" chorus "i and my motherland" way, with the song lit the passion, expression of patriotism.

at the same time, in commemoration of the 68th anniversary of the promulgation of the new china broadcast gymnastics, one thousand people participated in the ninth edition of the broadcast gymnastics exhibition, the movement coordination, full of spirit.

on the day of the competition, in order to reflect the competition competition, highlight the activity of the team, the games organized broadcast gymnastics and fun sports and other events. through interesting activities, it shows youth and vitality and interprets competitive spirit in a relaxed way.

the colleagues who participated in the competition vigorously carried forward the spirit of unity and cooperation, hard work, positive, and courageously forward. no matter which project they participated in, they fully showed the energetic spirit of our employees.

some colleagues expressed that in this competition, reflected everyone's spirit of cooperation, but also effectively released the pressure of work. also from some usually do not contact with colleagues, see their tenacity and perseverance, found their shining point.

through this competition, the cohesion and sense of cooperation among the employees of our company were enhanced, and a healthy, civilized and positive emotional atmosphere was created.

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