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2020 china science and technology company memorabilia

2020 china science and technology company memorabilia

2020· thanksgiving has you

grateful heart, thank you
looking back at the years we've been through together in 2020

prevention and control of the epidemic is an order and a responsibility

2020 china branch anti-epidemic program

2020 is a special year.
everyone should be happy to go home before the spring festival as usual, and then come back to the office to meet their colleagues in the warm spring. but the emergence of covid-19 at the beginning of the year completely upset everyone's plans.
during the spring festival in 2020, the partners of the comprehensive office worked around the clock to prepare for the normal resumption of work of the company, including epidemic prevention materials such as masks, temperatures-measuring guns, office environment elimination, employee activity track registration, epidemic prevention and control statistics, etc.
most countries in the world are committed to fighting against the epidemic, and the international economy has been hit by an unprecedented shock. as a leading company in import and export business, china science and technology company has been able to defy the trend in 2020 with a slight increase in turnover. of course, these achievements cannot be attributed to the contribution of the conscientious and dedicated chinese science and technology people.
in the future, the company will base on guangdong, look to the whole country, and work together with every zhongke people!

strive in the face of adversity

in 2020, i won the honor of the chinese academy of sciences

     china science & technology co., ltd. has been firmly striving to become a first-class comprehensive trade enterprise in china, constantly deepening the service connotation and improving the service value. in 2020, china science & technology co., ltd. has made the following achievements:
in january 2020, shenzhen office was established
april 2020 excellent bidder
may 2020 tax payment credit class a taxpayers
in june 2020, guangdong province abides by the contract and pays attention to the credit enterprise
october 2020 south china agricultural university postgraduate joint training base license

love each other and help each other to warm you and me

2020china science and technology program

zhongke has always treated every employee as a family member, hoping to add little drops of warm memories for everyone.
in guangdong province, which has the custom of "new year's day in winter", the company prepared sweet dumplings and sugar water on the winter solstice to warm the body and heart. christmas is full of ritual sense, in the old front desk decorated with a christmas tree, but also prepared "apple" fruit, wishes to convey to each employee.
we firmly believe that "it is more blessed to give than to receive". in addition to providing a warm harbor for every employee, cst also hopes to help others. in june 2020, cst participated in the donation activity of guangdong academy of sciences to help the poor and raised more than 10,000 yuan within a short period of time. in september 2020, china science and technology company actively responded to the designated assistance activities of poor villages, and received a letter of thanks from the village committee of shanghuangsha village.