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soar across, build a dream of china!

soar across, build a dream of china!

soar across, build a dream of china!

      the year 2020 is an extraordinary year and an unforgettable one.

      the covid-19 epidemic, floods, forest fires, the sudden death of a sports superstar, and so on. each of these events affects everyone around us in one way or another. there are so many moments that take us by surprise.

      for zhongke people, the year 2020 is a year of ups and downs and a year of double efforts. as the poem "without a cold biting, how fragrant plum blossom. "as said, under the leadership of general manager li hongliang and vice general manager xie zhongan, we survived the cold winter of the first half of the year and ushered in the beautiful situation of china science and technology company spreading all over the country!


      in 2020, the main sectors of zhongke have achieved sound development, and the domestic trade business and import business have a good development trend.

      china science & technology co., ltd. will position 2021 as the company's "employee quality improvement year", further standardize the operation, strengthen compliance construction and internal control management. on the basis of the traditional import business, the company innovates the business development mode, strengthens the company's core competitiveness of "talent finance platform", and realizes the transformation from a regional enterprise to a national enterprise.

elegant demeanour

      in the past year, you business elites gallop outside, travel and dust, pass through hardships, triumphant song all the way!
      over the past year, all the logistics personnel, diligent, hard-working, willing to shed blood!
      at this moment, look back at the sweat and achievements; at this moment, i look forward to challenges and dreams. it is the conscientious and concerted efforts of the people in zhongke that make the company today brilliant. i would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to every colleague who loves his job and works hard!
      excellent, need to be affirmed; success, need to be witnessed. the following are the outstanding cadres, outstanding employees with comprehensive performance and outstanding departments in 2020.

outstanding leading cadres: yang guozhuang, shen fengming, wang jixin, luo jingtao
(from left to right)

excellent business assistant: yang wenli, dong zhijing, pan huiting, zheng lin, feng yijun, xie jun, liu qunfang
(from left to right)

excellent business assistant: tan jiewen, zeng jing, jiang ziliang, huang jie, ye meiyan, sun wenshan, jiao guichen
(from left to right)

outstanding employees with comprehensive performance (comprehensive office, finance department, commerce department) : yu haiqiang, zhang kaili, yang ziyan, tan peiwen, zhou ping
(from left to right)

      in addition, the company also selected the innovation award, performance progress award, new talent award and other awards, open up a number of award channels, to recognize talents, encourage innovation

innovation award: chen bin

achievement award
first prize: li luoqun second prize: wang lu third prize: zhu shaoying
(from left to right)

new artist
first prize: lin jiahong second prize: xie cuiqin third prize: lin meiting
(from left to right)

      a branch of advanced excellent team, a harmonious team. each of them, want to be a flower, but also willing to be a green leaf, you have me, i have you. they carry out the spirit of "integrity, dedication, technology, innovation", and firmly agree with the enterprise culture of "striver first, the pursuit of results". it is also because of the numerous excellent and strong team, which has created the excellent platform for the reputation of zhongke company.

excellent team: shaoying zhu business team excellent platform department: ministry of commerce
excellent business departments: three risk control departments: seven business departments
(from left to right)

looking back on 2020, we are full of pride

looking ahead to 2021, we face a heavy task

may you stay and enjoy the flowers on both sides

zhongke company will uphold the original aspiration, build a dream forward!

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