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diy chinese lantern with your mid-autumn festival!

diy chinese lantern
with you over the mid-autumn festival

—the mid-autumn festival—

autumn will come, is ready to usher in the reunion season
although at the beginning of september, the city has not yet felt autumn
guangdong branch labor union for you to preheat the mid-autumn festival in advance!

activity registration enthusiasm is high

registration hot, activities plus field

cstu has been working hard to enrich the spiritual life and spare time life of our colleagues, working hard and living happily.

as soon as the mid-autumn festival activity was launched, it was well received by colleagues. the first session was already full in less than half an hour! the leaders of the company are very supportive of the work of the union and have agreed to hold an additional activity for more colleagues to participate in the union activities.

great work by soul painters

turn the expectations of the moon into paintings

as one of the four traditional festivals in china, the mid-autumn festival is the best combination of festivals with diy ancient lanterns!

colleagues show their skill, with the usual keyboard dexterous hands on the paper lanterns painted a few
with the help of the professional teachers, unique and beautiful lanterns were created.

listen to your colleagues' feedback

the campaign was well supported

after the event, in order to better understand the views of colleagues, we interviewed some of them, and their feedback was unanimous praise! colleagues believe that this mid-autumn festival activity is not only very meaningful, carries forward the traditional culture of the chinese nation, but also leaves a unique memorial for the mid-autumn festival. the activity was not only held by colleagues, but also by family members, which shortened the distance between parents and children and added some feelings, making the mid-autumn festival reunion particularly happy!

the success of the event is inseparable from the support of all our friends.
i wish you all well in advance
full mid-autumn festival, love long accompany!
happy mid-autumn festival


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