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2018 staff conference of guangdong zhongke import and export co., ltd

guangdong zhongke import and export co., ltd

staff meeting

looking back at the old year, 2017 has left us with hard work and efforts;

in 2018, we will embrace abundant fruits and hope.

the intersection begins with sincerity, and the chance to meet is destiny. in anticipation, on february 9, 2018, guangdong zhongke import and export co., ltd. ushered in the 2018 annual staff conference of "never forget the original intention, forge ahead". more than 240 employees gather together. looking back at the old age, we bear rich fruits; looking forward to the future, we have high morale!

economic indicators and analysis

analysis of economic indicators:

zhongke import and export corporation:

turnover increased 19.94% over 2016.

after-tax profit increased 10.88% over 2016.

consolidated financial statements of two wholly-owned subsidiaries:

turnover increased by 20.20% over 2016.

after-tax profits rose 12.52 percent from 2016.

data analysis figure 1: turnover data chart of zhongke company from 2003 to 2017 (unit: 100 million yuan)

business analysis summary: after experiencing the economic difficulties in 2016, the overall foreign trade situation of the world improved in 2017. in 2017, the people's congress of the 19 also open the new course of social development in our country, the appreciation of the renminbi to effectively reduce the pressure of each medium enterprises import, though a pack in the enterprise competitive, product emerge in endlessly, zhongke company in medical business, made great development, the environmental protection industry supply chain sales breakthrough platform business, have made better grades, turnover and profit growth by double digits.

business development in 2017

in 2017, the import and domestic trade business of instrument and medical equipment of zhongke company has been developing steadily.

management summary

1, strengthened the implementation of the system, reward and punishment clearly.

2. progress has been made in building a culture of integrity. the year 2017 is the year of integrity, and integrity is our bottom line.

3. risk control has been strengthened.

construction of leading bodies

1, leading group members set an example, conscientiously follow the laws and regulations of clean government construction, law-abiding business, unity and cooperation, honesty and self-discipline, no violations of law and discipline accidents.

2. committed to establish a more perfect accountability system and consciously accept the supervision of all employees.

2018 work guidelines

2018 is positioned as the "customer value" year of the company, striving to develop new customers, serve old customers well and enhance customer value. optimize customer management system, strengthen customer service management.

work guiding ideology

1. situation forecast: steady growth of foreign trade, gradual improvement of production enterprises, tightening of bank deleveraging credit, increased investment in environmental protection, medical care and education.

2. with the help of the online operation of the new erp system, sort out the operation process, strengthen the execution of the system, and promote the optimization and upgrading of management.

3. deepen customer value chain and develop new customers and business.

4, integrity/dedication/technology/innovation of the corporate culture.

then came the employee recognition session, which let us review their hard work and hard work behind this year. behind every honor, all bearing the dedication and hard work of science and technology people.

business assistant: sun wenshan, pan yingying, lai qiumei, long yuanru, dai lisi, huang jie, xie cuiqin, zhu jinlai (senior), lu jing, zheng chang

comprehensive performance excellent staff - sales: xie huihong, huang shanshan, wang xinyi, li caixia, wang jixin, mao chuanbin

pioneering achievement award: wang lu

risk control excellent employees: huang shanshan, zhu shaoying

outstanding leading cadres: shen fengming, yang guozhuang, huang gengrong, peng zhipeng

new talent award: li caixia, wang youyi, mao chuanbin

achievement progress award: huang shanshan, wang jixin, peng zhipeng

outstanding contribution award: liu kangming, chen wenliang, huang gengrong, wang xinyi, yang yong

business backbone: wang dandan, li kefeng, huang shien, tu zhen, changshan, li caixia, zhu shaoying, he jianyuan, chen xibo

business elite: liu kangming, wang jixin, chen wenliang, tan kaitao, huang gengrong, peng zhipeng, wang xinyi, luo jingtao, luo songwei, zhang jie, yang yong, zhang xiaodan, huang shanshan

outstanding department award: eight business units

outstanding team award: peng zhipeng team

excellent risk control department: four business departments

achievements only represent the past, facing the new year, i hope the excellent employees in different positions can be unarrogant and unimpetuous, and really play an exemplary role in the work.

2018, never forget the original intention, forge ahead; constant gallop makes long work. 2018 zhongke company will continue to uphold the corporate culture of "integrity, dedication, technology and innovation", and live up to the time and responsibility. zhongke company will cooperate with each zhongke person to create brilliant future together. xiong guan diffuse road is really like iron, and now step from the head more!

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