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congratulations to our company for nine consecutive years (2008-2016)

congratulations to our company for nine consecutive years (2008-2016) won the title of "guangdong province shou contract and credit enterprise"

congratulations to our company for being awarded the title of "enterprise abiding by contract and respecting credit in guangdong province" by guangdong administration for industry and commerce for nine consecutive years (2008-2016).

since our company first applied for and won the title of "guangdong contract abiding and credit worthy enterprise" in 2008, it has won this title for nine consecutive years until 2016. this is the industry and commerce department to our company's recognition, but also the majority of customers to our company's recognition.

since the establishment of our company, we have been adhering to the business philosophy of "integrity management". establish and improve the management system, and strive to establish a credit relationship with customers. adhere to the contract in the signing and performance of the process of abiding by the law, honest and trustworthy, has won the majority of customers praise. this award is an important intangible asset of our company, which marks the construction of our credit system has stepped up to a new level.

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