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warm your heart, the small gifts that the chinese people have received on christmas eve have this meaning

there is a saying in "the little prince": "the sense of ritual is to make a certain day different from other days and make a moment different from other moments."

on the 24th, our employees were immersed in a strong christmas atmosphere

the company is full of christmas

christmas tree next to the front desk

this year. in addition to the beautiful christmas trees on both sides of the front desk, there are small gifts prepared by the company for everyone. it is understood that, in order to welcome the arrival of christmas, the colleagues of the general affairs office have been busy preparing gifts and packing gifts for a long time. here, xiaobian manually gave a praise to the colleagues of the general affairs office.

the christmas gift box is filled with apples, sugar and chocolate, which not only satisfies the taste buds of food colleagues, but also brings peace, sweetness and sweetness to every employee. colleagues who received the christmas presents had bright smiles on their faces and said "merry christmas" to each other. the entire office was bathed in a happy atmosphere.

christmas gifts for employees

it is reported that our company sends christmas gifts this year. it is hoped that colleagues who bring carefully packaged "safe fruits" will bring home the company's wishes and blessings to employees, so that the hope of peace and health will continue to christmas eve, christmas , and the upcoming 2020.

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