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the major events of china science and technology corporation are released in 2019! how many pieces have you witnessed?

2019 has come to an end
we look forward to the year 2020
the beginning of the new year
let xiaobian take everyone to review the brilliant achievements of china science and technology in 2019
maybe many of these wonderful moments are also more beautiful because of you
come, let ’s flip the axis of time together and start reversing time

look back at the bits and pieces of zhongke 2019!

01. honor, always on
in 2019, zhongke keeps growing, and every honor won cannot be separated from everyone's hard work. come, follow xiaobian to see the following glorious moments, how many have you witnessed? (you can leave a message to tell the editor!)
2019 honors
awarded the "top ten integrity bidders" by the 14th annual tendering and bidding industry
obtained the “a-level honorary certificate of tax credit in 2018” issued by guangzhou state taxation bureau
awarded the title of "guangdong province contract-honoring and credit-honoring enterprise" in 2018


02. the pace never stops
the pace of progress of our company has never stopped.
in march, our airport warehouse was completed and opened, providing an important force for our development.

in september, our company became an off-campus innovation and entrepreneurship practice base for south china agricultural university graduates. through the training of talents in schools and the use of talents by enterprises, we can achieve win-win cooperation and promote social development.


on december 19, the subsidiary guangdong zhongke supply chain management co., ltd. was established, marking that zhongke has entered a new era.


this year, our company selected a group of colleagues who are “benchmarks for the love of their work” and awarded them awards, giving them a silent praise for their practical actions.

03. unity and strength
our company is a happy family. the company provides employees with a variety of union activities: union yoga classes every monday, basketball team training every wednesday, table tennis, badminton every thursday.

in addition, we are a big family with a spirit of solidarity. outside of work, colleagues with common interests organize and play together, and at the same time use awards to explain the power of solidarity.

on march 7th, children from the kindergarten of guangdong academy of sciences visited our company for warm sympathy activities. during the sympathy activities, the children prepared flowers and hand-made crafts for our female employees. our union also prepared jingle for the children cat lollipop and kaleidoscope as a small gift.

watch the film "zhou en returns to yan'an" on may 23. after the film ended, many employees circulated to learn the hardship and simplicity of premier zhou, not forgetting the original intention, and keeping in mind the mission spirit.

on june 22, a new employee group was established to allow new friends to integrate into the chinese science and technology family as soon as possible through game interaction.

company badminton match on june 29. respecting referees and opponents in the game, the style and the level of the sports spirit of tenacious hard work.


september 21. held the 70th anniversary of the motherland's birthday literary performance, singing and dancing to express patriotic feelings, while providing colleagues who can sing and dance to show themselves.




on october 12, all employees watched the 70th birthday of the motherland, "i and my motherland", reviewing history, looking to the future, not forgetting the original intention, keeping in mind the mission, and contributing to the country and society in ordinary posts.

in 2019, our employees participated in the guangdong provincial academy of sciences to hold the science and technology cup basketball competition and won the fifth place in the group, the sixth place in the playing card tractor competition group, the fifth in the individual, and the fun sport won the fourth place in the group, the seventh overall name.


on december 21st, our football team participated in the opening of the changxing park football stadium of the guangdong academy of sciences and played a friendly match with the two teams of the provincial academy of sciences football team and the petrochemical academy football team.

2020 will be a brand new start
in new year
may the chinese academy of sciences welcome more good times
more hope, in the coming beauty
become more wonderful with your company
let's take a firm footstep and start a new journey together!

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