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party building


it is a good opportunity to meet new friends!
let's see what we have done this time ~


      on july 4, 2020, the sky was clear and the wind was pleasant.
in such a good day, we take "challenge, coagulation hearts meet force forward" as the theme, held a new employee of the year for 2020 outdoor team building activities, the purpose of the visit is to make all the new employees can know each other, more important is to make new employees feel zhongke company good team atmosphere, faster into ustc family love and help each other.

      on the day of the activity, all the new employees gathered on time and took the bus to the "yifeng comprehensive base" located in zengcheng district. after arriving at the base, the instructor of the team construction divided the new employees into five groups according to the drinks they received respectively, and selected the ones with the same taste as one group. each group member gives a name to the group, and elects the leader, and then a series of activities are carried out in the group as a unit.

new employees choose their favorite drinks


    in order to let the new employees enter the state as soon as possible, the team building host let each group shout out their team name and interview each captain's "name" experience. then they warmed up and prepared for the next competition.

     the five teams took turns to experience the electric off-road vehicle and archery events, and after the experience, the teams competed on a point system.
originally shy new employees, the competition in the tense, intense atmosphere more familiar with. in the off-road vehicle project, one of the team members dared not go forward to try. the team members first tried by themselves, then actively shared tips and encouraged the member to try bravely. finally, the member overcame his fear and drove the off-road vehicle bravely.

new employees try their best to be houyi

have a picnic for lunch

     the new employees were re-divided into three groups. each group discussed the dishes and methods according to the food materials provided by the base. each team showed their skills, making a fire, killing fish, killing chicken, and finally through the cooperation of each team member, made a table of delicious food.

interesting projects

      after the new employees had a rest at noon, they continued to work on the next project in the afternoon. members of each team worked together to complete the task in the shortest time.
colleagues who did not know each other in the competition increased the chances of communication, and at the same time deepened mutual understanding, so that each team in the project when the cohesion of a strong force, become a united team

team leader - lin luo-ming:
we are very grateful to the company for organizing this activity, which gives us a chance to experience the original ecological farm. we are grateful to all the partners in the group for their tacit cooperation, which makes our team win the champion. we are also very glad that this activity enables new employees to know each other.
head of asian military team - zheng lin:
our team was really surprised to win the second place, because our group was the smallest with only four members. many activities could only be competed through repeated participation of members, but all the members were very responsible and actively took responsibility in the projects they were good at. in addition, i am very glad to know all of you through this event.
ji jun team leader - chen pei:
the third place was inseparable from the tacit cooperation between the men and women of all the players. in order to win, we would find the shining points of the players in each round of matches and timely adjust the strategies. through communication, we could improve the speed of clearance, so we won the victory.

the successful holding of the outdoor group construction is inseparable from the active participation of new employees. through various activities in the team building, the new employees are gradually closer to each other, which not only exercises their willpower, but also makes them realize that teamwork, communication, mutual trust and so on are the ways to make the team stronger. we look forward to the new employees' brilliant performance in china science & technology company.

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