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new employees | 2020 cst and i sailed

new employees | 2020 cst and i sailed

the world is so big, or meet you

new crown wreaks havoc around the world, the us stock market 10 days 4 times of circuit break, 2020 ready to meet the "good start" of the enterprise experienced a devastating start;
many people say that we are the most difficult graduates in the history because of the indefinite postponement of school opening, online defense and online graduation.
amid numerous announcements and news, a phone call brought us together with zhongke.

who want to shelter from the wind when the harbor

      to paraphrase the line in the recently popular tv series "just 30" : "who wants to hide from the wind when the harbor?" although we have not been working for a long time, but as newcomers, we have deeply felt the responsibility of zhongke as a large enterprise.
the outbreak of xinguan caught the whole country by surprise. at this time, leaders and colleagues who should have spent the spring festival at home quickly organized meetings to discuss countermeasures, consoled everyone's mood in the company group, adjusted all kinds of work plans temporarily, purchased all kinds of epidemic prevention materials for employees, and prepared for the resumption of work and production. with such a sense of responsibility and action, cst will continue to make steady progress in 2020!
zhongke is people-oriented, which is a real refuge for employees in such a bad situation.

adventures of the "office boy"

     when i first entered the company, i was nervous and afraid of making mistakes. however, the new employee orientation training that followed taught me how to be a qualified "medium key person".
the training of new employees is strictly standardized and disciplined. colleagues from different departments introduce to us the work functions of the departments they are in and the work content we connect with one by one. the company's colleagues have a strong cohesion, as long as you ask questions, everyone will be eager to help you. every day in zhongke, we study and work together and make progress together. so that "small white workplace" we quickly adapt to this new environment.
beginner of the workplace, we are always eager to make achievements to prove their ability, often lack of experience, self-defeating. however, chinese academy of sciences gives us a big enough room to show our talents and ideas to a great extent. and the leaders and supervisors will give guidance and correct the ideas and plans we put forward. this is a very good stage and opportunity for our new talent.

the combination of work and rest is strong

     we are serious in our work and serious in our entertainment.

      if you think the guy next to you is going to do nothing but work with his head down at the union yoga class on mondays, basketball practice on wednesdays, table tennis and badminton on thursdays, then you're wrong. he might be the mvp on the court!
after actively participating in various activities organized by the company, we have deeply realized the excellence and extraordinary of zhongke people. in the communication with colleagues, you will find that everyone maintains his or her own vitality and persistence. excellent colleagues have grown up step by step under the cultivation of the company and their own efforts. how do we grow into a "backwave", i think in such a "combination of work and rest", we can find the answer.

do a line, love a line, understand a line, fine line

       do a line of love. zhongke has been engaged in the import and export industry for 27 years, meeting the needs of various types of research, production and consumption, bringing great satisfaction to customers, and also promoting the development of upstream and downstream enterprises. as a foreign trader, as a chinese science and technology people, we should be proud of their profession, love our industry.
know what line is good at. zhongke company is a professional and large foreign trade company, as the people of zhongke, we should constantly improve our business ability from work, and consolidate and expand our foreign trade business knowledge from learning. do duty-free import business, we need to work hard to understand the customs requirements for duty-free import products; import and export of goods with special temperature requirements, it is necessary to pay special attention to the transport and storage of goods, and so on. understand the business knowledge, and in practice to exercise and improve their working ability, strive to master the business goal, in return for the cultivation and tolerance of the university.


 we are a loving, close-knit family

       it is said that we have witnessed the history in 2020, and the history will also witness our growth. in the future, let us ride the wind and waves together with zhongke to create brilliant!

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